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»The remarkable and essential minor element«

We are proud of being a world-leading manufacturer of the full range of Selenium products for almost 70 years. To meet your future demands, we are constantly in dialogue with both science and industry. In the history of RETORTE, it has always been an important formula for success to aim at identifying the future challenges and the external factors that affect the Selenium markets, such as technological advances and environmental standards.

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Selenium and the Organism

Protection for the cells of the human body

Because selenium is an essential trace element, it is increasingly in demand in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Over 20 proteins in the body contain selenium. In the form of glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx), it takes care of a very important anti-oxidative defense mechanism in the cells of the human body. This means that selenium helps the body to protect itself against free radicals. Free radicals are part of the aging process of the cells. Free radicals have also been suspected of having a major impact in connection with the occurrence of cancer for a long time now. In this respect, selenium reduces the oxidative stress of the cells. Selenium also takes care of further essential functions of the body. It is a component of a number of proteins and plays a key role in iodothyronine deiodinase, an enzyme that activates the thyroid hormone T4. Selenium is an established ingredient in baby food and is increasingly marketed as an ingredient in functional health food.

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