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»The remarkable and essential minor element«

We are proud of being a world-leading manufacturer of the full range of Selenium products for almost 70 years. To meet your future demands, we are constantly in dialogue with both science and industry. In the history of RETORTE, it has always been an important formula for success to aim at identifying the future challenges and the external factors that affect the Selenium markets, such as technological advances and environmental standards.

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Selenium in animal feed

The essential trace element for a balanced nutrition

Selenium has been added to animal feed since the 1980s because the selenium content in standard feed is too low. Adding sodium selenite and sodium selenate is even the state of the art for dairy cattle feed. RETORTE is an approved supplier for the animal feed industry. The company brands RETOSEL, RETOCO and RETOJO are characterized by an especially high purity of the premixes, which is achieved with an optimized production process.

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