Engineering and development

Laminate oxidation

RETORTE developed a direct laminate oxidation of selenium with pure oxygen. This technique – unique worldwide – makes RETORTE the manufacturer with the highest environmental standards and the highest product quality. Several modern, computer-controlled oxidation units produce either selenium dioxide or selenious acid.

High-purity selenium production

When it comes to high-purity selenium, RETORTE possesses the latest equipment for extensive purification, reduction and alloying. State-of-the-art purification technology and a vacuum drier ensure that the highest requirements for drying and packaging can be maintained. The reduction reactor is the centerpiece of high-purity selenium production. Here, highly purified selenious acid is processed into reduction selenium powder, which is a starting material for high-purity selenium production.

The selenium furnace

The selenium furnace at RETORTE is unique. It was developed by RETORTE itself and raised RETORTE to the world’s leading company for high-purity selenium and selenium chemicals. The facilities are continuously developed and improved. They are computer-controlled and monitored with the latest software and electronic controls.

Spray drying

With the introduction of spray drying for sodium selenite in 1997, RETORTE made substantial improvements to the product as well as to the working conditions. Compared to the usual milled material, this product is low-dust and free of bigger particles. The advantage: a more homogeneous premix in the feed and much better occupational safety for the workers producing the feed.


The RETORTE laboratory guarantees the quality of our products. All incoming raw materials are comprehensively analyzed prior to use, in the course of the individual production steps and in the end product before it is shipped.

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