Environmental protection

Responsibility for tomorrow

These days, environmental protection is at the heart of companies’ business activities. This is especially true for RETORTE as a chemical producer in Germany and, not least, as a subsidiary of an MDAX company. However, it is not possible to finance environmental protection without a strong financial base. Thanks to a robust financial foundation, RETORTE has achieved the necessary technical requirements to comply with the highest standards in this area. All of the employees are committed to environmental protection, to continuously improving these high standards and to reducing emissions further.

State-of-the-art waste air system and water treatment

In close cooperation with the producers of the system as well as the engineering and research departments of AURUBIS, RETORTE’s waste air system has been and is continuously modernized and improved.
All water used in production is collected and treated in a complex process that is constantly monitored internally and externally. The complex water treatment process with multiple safety steps fulfills the authorities’ strict requirements and achieves the highest level of water purity.

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